Reasonable Rates

Half-Hour:   $30.00

Hour           $60.00

90 Minutes: $85.00

Price includes, if pre-requested:

  • spinal adjustment
  • hot rocks
  • acupuncture

Kathy Kapis

Kathy Kapis

Kathy Kapis, DC, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist

Benefits of Bodywork

Bodywork is our connection to optimizing our fitness level

Having over 23 years of practice, Kathy has found that everyone benefits from massage therapy and that people respond better to adjustments when massaged first.

As a licensed chiropractor, Kathy Kapis also brings the added knowledge of the body apart from muscles and connectiive tissue alone, but how they work with your body's framework, all of which affect the nervous system, body functions and overall health. She is also certified in Acupuncture and Physiotherapy; and has completed clinical studying and coursework in nutrition and wellness, endocrinology, and hormonal balancing.

Everyone is treated according to their needs and preferences. Not all people require the same type of massage and/or chiropractic adjustment. Services are tailored for your desires and needs.

Bodywork provides physiological and psychological benefits that make it an ideal complement to a total conditioning program.

Massage can provide an extra edge to the athlete who participates in high performance sports. It's become not only a necessary ingredient for a complete workout, but a needed treatment for the wear-and-tear and minor injuries that natrurally occur with strenuous movement.

Bodywork is our connection to optimizing our physical and mental wellbeing.

Whether you work inside or outside the home, bodywork provides an environment of decompression and relaxation following your strenuous day.